What are Carbon Offsets

In my post about green travel, I mentioned carbon offsets. But, what are carbon offsets? The company mentioned in that post, Terrapass, takes actions to remove the carbon that you put in the air by your actions. They have several options, for example if you want to offset all the carbon you introduce into the air by driving a gas powered car for a year. If I were to drive my car 15,000 miles a year I could pay $71.40 to take my emissions back out of the year. This money goes to funding all of these projects that remove carbon, and other greenhouse gases, out of the atmosphere. You can remove the carbon produced by commuting, traveling, or just the carbon produced by living in a house.

I actually heard about carbon offsets from our web hosting company HostGator. They are actually carbon negative, they pay for 30% more wind power than they use. That’s pretty impressive considering they are one of the largest web hosts in the world. Their attention to emissions is actually the reason we selected them as our host.


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