You’re in Charge

Leadership: what a weighted word.  There are all kinds of leaders; political, religious, professional and personal.  I like to think we are all some kind of leader, that we all have some kind of leadership within ourselves.   While I like to think that, it is a difficult prospect for people to except and to execute.   We are all in control of ourselves.  We all have that type of leadership, the skill to be in control of ourselves.

While we put our faith in other “leaders” (presidents, pastors, quarterbacks, bosses), we are quick to judge them.  The president hasn’t done what he said he would do, the quarterback lost the game etc.  We give these leaders so much power by electing them, paying them and believing in them but when they fail in our eyes, they are the ones at fault, we have nothing to do with it.

I believe to be a good leader in public and in your own life, you must take responsibility of yourself first.  Admit when you are right and admit when you are wrong.  Take action and believe in what you are saying but also take responsibility for your actions and beliefs.  Stand up for others and for your standards but be open minded to accept others as they are.  Leadership can be a burden but it should be a burden we all share.


About Felicia

Hello, I am Felicia and I am one of the founding members of Health Now, Wealth Forever. When we came up with the concept of starting our family business, I was enthusiastic just to spend time working on a project with my family. But, as we have grown and expanded, my passion for educating myself and others - about alternative health options and changing the way we view finances and life - has taken over. While I admit I am not the healthiest of our group, I am working on it daily and hope that the articles I write help you to work on it with me. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to open our minds and yours to an alternative way of look at health, wealth and life!

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