Just because you are stubborn does not mean that you are the one who knows what is right.  It means you may be closed minded and unwilling to learn something new about yourself.  This can lead to an argumentative personality which means others may not want to discuss their feelings or thoughts with you.  This . . . → Read More: Stubborn?

Do you need to have a Hard Conversation?

Are you stuck in your life’s path?

A lot of us feel stuck in life.  No “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Maybe we do not feel like we are able to change things in our lives.  Just plain stuck.

Usually when we feel like we are stuck in our lives, we really need . . . → Read More: Do you need to have a Hard Conversation?

Positive thoughts every night

We are what we think and what we are feeling. . . . → Read More: Positive thoughts every night


Rather than getting irritated when interruptions occur, I can see them as positive opportunities. . . . → Read More: Interruptions

What is a “Financial Nut”?

If you take your personal budget and break it down into manageable segments – those segments are called “nuts” and the sizes of those “nuts” can be managed. . . . → Read More: What is a “Financial Nut”?

It’s a Generational Thing

My spouse and I will be 65 years old in 2014. As we blend our mufti-generational family and place them under one roof, we have multi-levels of cause and effect. We have to make adjustments. We cause adjustments. . . . → Read More: It’s a Generational Thing

Knowers and Learners – A Different View

“I err, therefore I am.” St. Augustine . . . → Read More: Knowers and Learners – A Different View

“X” is for you to decide

Redefining my “X”, in my mind, would be establishing revised financial, personal, spiritual, emotional and career goals. . . . → Read More: “X” is for you to decide


Even if we grew up together and learned the same things, spoke the same vernacular, believed the same religious views and politics, we would have something in our lives happen and we wouldn’t understand each other. . . . → Read More: “U”nderstanding


Life has its up’s and its downs, it varies and is painful sometimes. It is inexplicable and indescribable, but also a gift, something treasured that everyone deserves, even with all the difficulty and hardship faced in it.

Hardship and difficulty has always been a part of life and always will be. The difficulty life gives . . . → Read More: Life