This Too Shall Pass

So, to myself and all of you trying to see the bright sides of your challenges, keep going. It will pass. Keep walking your path. . . . → Read More: This Too Shall Pass

To Travel or Not to Travel?

I caught myself thinking about moving back to New England this week.  I have a new job, good partners in Health Now, Wealth Forever and my kids are here.  Why would I want to leave?  I have some difficult things going on outside of those good that are quite challenging and those are probably why.  . . . → Read More: To Travel or Not to Travel?

Amazing Spirit

In my previous post To Fix the World, You Must See it as Broken, I spoke of seeing the world in a different light.

In our current world, there is so much hardship caused by natural disaster, political unrest and violence.  Hoping that we will be saved by others is almost a lost hope but we . . . → Read More: Amazing Spirit

New Schedule Disruption

Introducing new things into Life, such as a new job, new relationship, or new hobby, often disrupts the things already there.  When starting the new activity, a new routine needs to be established, sometimes at the expense of activities already established.  When the new activity doesn’t have a regular schedule, this disruption is more severe. . . . → Read More: New Schedule Disruption


Self-Discipline is a sticky thing for me.  As you can tell by the delay of this post.  I promised this to you in my last post.  So what is my problem here?  I don’t like to be told what to do.  I don’t like having mistakes pointed out to me.  It doesn’t seem to matter . . . → Read More: Self-Discipline


Continuing is difficult. Sticking with it through thick or thin, when the excitement has worn off and before the habit-forming stage is difficult territory for me. For many of you too, I would wager. This period is the Interregnum. . . . → Read More: Interregnum

Hope ??

Is hope there to keep us from despair? Is it there to spur us to a goal? Is it there to bolster our belief system? When does hope occur? Why does hope occur? . . . → Read More: Hope ??

Emoting Made Easy

Don’t feel guilty about feeling the way you do. When you can think straight about why you became sad or angry, then the issue can be resolved. . . . → Read More: Emoting Made Easy

Processing Anger (and other tough situations)

I’m not one to anger quickly. For some people, anger is a catalyst, but it makes me feel dull-witted, sluggish, and out-of-control. So I feel it is best, to maintain my focus, to let anger flow out of me as soon as possible.

Here’s my escalating process to release my anger:

Seclusion: I get away . . . → Read More: Processing Anger (and other tough situations)

Anger and Positivity or: What I Learned From the Local Social Security Office

I was in a situation a couple of weeks ago; it was not a positive situation.  I found I am not as positive a person as I want to be—I have some work to do.  I have been pretty positive through all that we have gone through since November.  I became pretty angry when I . . . → Read More: Anger and Positivity or: What I Learned From the Local Social Security Office