Do you need to have a Hard Conversation?

Are you stuck in your life’s path?

A lot of us feel stuck in life.  No “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Maybe we do not feel like we are able to change things in our lives.  Just plain stuck.

Usually when we feel like we are stuck in our lives, we really need . . . → Read More: Do you need to have a Hard Conversation?

Unintended Consequences

Once I read the description of unintended consequences, I thought of other unintended consequences that have affected us recently. . . . → Read More: Unintended Consequences

Can We Rely on the CPI Inflation Calculator?

When I was 16 years old and starting to drive my car, a gallon of regular gas where I lived was 24.9 cents. Given that, I can use the CPI Calculator to find out what I should be paying for a gallon of gas now (1965 then, 2014 now) – correct? NO! Why not? . . . → Read More: Can We Rely on the CPI Inflation Calculator?

It’s a Generational Thing

My spouse and I will be 65 years old in 2014. As we blend our mufti-generational family and place them under one roof, we have multi-levels of cause and effect. We have to make adjustments. We cause adjustments. . . . → Read More: It’s a Generational Thing

Invest Wisely (Don’t buy that stuff!)

There are several wealth studies out there that state the following:

“The poor buy necessities.”

“The middle class buy things.”

“The upper class buy income.”

What does this mean?

Without judging one group over another, I think it means that the lower income levels spend all or most of their income on housing, clothing and . . . → Read More: Invest Wisely (Don’t buy that stuff!)

“X” is for you to decide

Redefining my “X”, in my mind, would be establishing revised financial, personal, spiritual, emotional and career goals. . . . → Read More: “X” is for you to decide


Even if we grew up together and learned the same things, spoke the same vernacular, believed the same religious views and politics, we would have something in our lives happen and we wouldn’t understand each other. . . . → Read More: “U”nderstanding

“K” is for …..

If “I” is for Iodine and “J” is for Jicama then

 “K” is for Kohlrabi and even more …


Health benefits of Kohlrabi (Knol-khol)

Mildly sweet, succulent kohlrabi is notably rich in vitamins and dietary fiber; however, it has only 27 calories per 100 g, a negligible amount of fat, . . . → Read More: “K” is for …..

This Too Shall Pass

So, to myself and all of you trying to see the bright sides of your challenges, keep going. It will pass. Keep walking your path. . . . → Read More: This Too Shall Pass

New Job, Difficult People

I recently had a conversion with my direct boss that left me feeling devalued and like I was a inch big.  I was super ticked off and wanted to rebel.  But I have only been at this job for 4 1/2 months and with the exception of this one boss, everyone, including me,  feels I . . . → Read More: New Job, Difficult People