Returning to the Path – Don’t Lose Your Goal

I have a diet that works for me. It fits my appetite, I feel great while I’m sticking to it, and I lose fat and gain lean muscle while I’m on it. It’s the slow-carb diet, I’ve written about it before and highly recommend it. This post is not about the slow-carb diet, but about . . . → Read More: Returning to the Path – Don’t Lose Your Goal

Finding Focus

One of the reasons I have been having such a hard time posting lately is a lack of focus. Focus is a fragile and limited resource. It can be shattered by the ring of a phone or beep of an email and then your idea is gone, your train of thought is derailed.

I used . . . → Read More: Finding Focus


Flow in psychology, is a mental state of operation and motivation while performing a task and enjoying it.  Flow is a complete absorption of what one does, it would be the bliss of doing something that you are both good at and love doing, to the point of loss of track of time. Being “in . . . → Read More: Flow

The Law of Focus

Ever notice how, when you buy a new car, you suddenly see a lot more of that same car on the road. This is a bit of what I call forced focus. On the other hand, if you close your eyes and think hard about a certain color, it will be the color you notice . . . → Read More: The Law of Focus

Nutrition’s Role in Memory and Focus

This week my husband and I were discussing how he seems to have a hard time maintaining focus at work.  Dealing with memory issues and focus issues can add stress, causing more memory and focus issues.  I decided to look into supplements and foods that could him and in turn, help us maintain focus and . . . → Read More: Nutrition’s Role in Memory and Focus


This has been a crazy summer for us in the United States.  The increased fervor in the coming elections and the LGBT marriage issues, the mass murders in both the Colorado Theater and in the Wisconsin Sikh Temple, wild fires breaking out all over the place. And don’t forget that the world is ending on . . . → Read More: Focus