“You live on the Plane of Manifestation”

I just finished watching a video of Mike Dooley presenting his new book “Manifesting Change”.

I have embedded this video below and have a link to his book for you to purchase.

Mike is an amazing speaker and motivator saying things like:

“What holds people back is not knowing the truth about reality.” “Our positive . . . → Read More: “You live on the Plane of Manifestation”

Long Transitions

So you find yourself stuck in the middle of a transitory stage and feel as though you’ve been there for far too long. Perhaps you decided that you’d outgrown your job and decided to start a new career and are still in-between jobs. Or you’ve obtained your degree and can’t seem to hook a job in your field. Maybe it’s been decided that your marriage is irreparably damaged and you have been in the middle of a divorce for the last year. All of these situations can be draining. Here are some things to consider: . . . → Read More: Long Transitions