“Y” is for Yellow Vegetables and Fruits

… if you drink an excessive amount of carrot juice, your skin may develop an orange color. . . . → Read More: “Y” is for Yellow Vegetables and Fruits


Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating of curds and whey. . . . → Read More: “W”hey


The next time you’re not feeling well, consider taking a break from expensive over-the-counter products and try a home remedy that is made with vinegar. . . . → Read More: “V”inegar


But you can be found to be deficient in Thiamine. The symptoms are usually mental confusion, difficulty breathing and tingling in the extremities. . . . → Read More: “T”hiamine


One cup of strawberries contains over 13% of the RDA of dietary fiber, yet only 43 calories. The dietary fiber in strawberries helps to keep digestion regular, as well as lowers blood pressure and curbs overeating. . . . → Read More: “S”trawberries


Our loves pies and cakes and other desserts made with rhubarb, but what are the health benefits to eating rhubarb? . . . → Read More: “R”hubarb


Quercetin is very necessary to have in our bodies. . . . → Read More: “Q”uercetin

MS, the Pacific Northwest and Vitamin D

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I live in the land of rain and gray.  While I love how green my surroundings are, the lack of sunshine can be a real downer.  Now the direct correlation between the lack of sun and auto-immune diseases especially Multiple Sclerosis, is down right depressing.

” MS is a chronic, unpredictable . . . → Read More: MS, the Pacific Northwest and Vitamin D

Hemp Protein Vs. Whey Protein Powder

No, I am not a body builder. At one time we were on a diet that had the dieter drink 2 whey protein shakes and one meal, the first two weeks of the diet. I was on a web site that was having a sale on hemp protein and I realized that I wanted to try it. . . . → Read More: Hemp Protein Vs. Whey Protein Powder


“Chop up a raw onion and cover it with honey (manuka honey is even better) and let it stand for four or five hours. It makes an excellent cough syrup and is wonderfully soothing for an inflamed throat.” Lynley Kempthorne: . . . → Read More: “O”nion