Oregano – Not Just for Pizza – Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, and Full of Nutrients

I read an article about oregano, probably in an email or on FB—it’s title is what caught my eye and interest— “Oregano – One of the Most Beneficial Spices For Our Health With 4 Times the Antioxidant Potency of Blueberries”.  This is written by Karen Foster and posted on her web page.

I found her . . . → Read More: Oregano – Not Just for Pizza – Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, and Full of Nutrients


I got a graphic from Natural News that listed “seven powerful emergency herbal remedies” you should have on hand.  The last herb on the graphic was “hyssop”.  It sounded familiar to me, but I have not seen it mentioned  lately until today.  When I started researching this herb, I realized that I had heard of . . . → Read More: Hyssop

“M”ullein Tea

Mullein is an herb and is more commonly known as Lamb’s Ear. It has been used as an herbal tea for ages and a source of healing coughs and congestion. It also has many other uses and benefits. . . . → Read More: “M”ullein Tea

“D” is for Dill

Dill can be consumed in water or the seeds can be chewed for their calming effect. Some cultures place dill leaves over the eyes to aid sleep. . . . → Read More: “D” is for Dill

Himalayan Crystal Salt

There are natural salts out there that have not been touched by the toxins and pollutants of sea salt. A highly beneficial salt for you is called Himalayan Crystal Salt. . . . → Read More: Himalayan Crystal Salt

Rosemary – Delicious Medicine

Rosemary is a spice that shows up in bread and chicken, but rosemary is much more than that.  Rosemary has shown up in my favorite shampoo—Queen of the Meadows.  I had not realized until I read their blurb that my shampoo with rosemary has a stimulating action which helps with hair growth.  I am way . . . → Read More: Rosemary – Delicious Medicine

Versatile Super Herb Lavender

Lavender is one of nature’s super herbs.  Not only can it refresh your home in candles but it can truly help your body with its essential oils and healing properties.

Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can cure headaches, bloating, stings and bites, soothe sunburns and even help with dandruff.  When sprinkling culinary lavender . . . → Read More: Versatile Super Herb Lavender

Valerian – Pros and Cons

Valerian is a natural sedative with many other effects. Most commonly it used as a sleep aid, but it can also treat gastrointestinal pain and be used as an anti-convulsing and a mood stabilizing drug. It can relax an agitated person and stimulate someone who is fatigued, creating a balancing effect.

Valerian is a cat, . . . → Read More: Valerian – Pros and Cons

Fresh Herbs – More Benefits Than Just Flavor

Fresh herbs are some of the easiest things to grow at home.  They add flavor to your food and beauty to your garden.  Lavender, Thyme and Basil are just a few of the herbs that can be started in your kitchen window and moved out to the garden.   Not only are fresh herbs delicious, beautiful . . . → Read More: Fresh Herbs – More Benefits Than Just Flavor