Create Your Own Path

I am re-reading the beginning of our book which has been on hold for awhile.  This is the beginning of the book, which I can say makes me think about my own path.  Let us know what you think.

As we start trying to become healthier and wealthier, we should look at how the way . . . → Read More: Create Your Own Path

Unintentional Collateral Damage

Forgiveness is the key ingredient. First, we must find a way to forgive ourselves. Otherwise resentment, anger and bitterness will find their way into our life. This will destroy our lives. Forgiveness is the necessary element to healing and happpiness. . . . → Read More: Unintentional Collateral Damage

– Don’t Quit –

But, you do know that answers come in the strangest and most wonderful way to help us with our struggles. . . . → Read More: – Don’t Quit –

New Job, Difficult People

I recently had a conversion with my direct boss that left me feeling devalued and like I was a inch big.  I was super ticked off and wanted to rebel.  But I have only been at this job for 4 1/2 months and with the exception of this one boss, everyone, including me,  feels I . . . → Read More: New Job, Difficult People


I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been feeling stuck. I can’t follow my path through the woods. When I feel this way I withdraw, become irritable. I hate this feeling. I want to remove myself from all situations that make me feel this way. But, that is not possible. I must be where . . . → Read More: Stuck

Amazing Spirit

In my previous post To Fix the World, You Must See it as Broken, I spoke of seeing the world in a different light.

In our current world, there is so much hardship caused by natural disaster, political unrest and violence.  Hoping that we will be saved by others is almost a lost hope but we . . . → Read More: Amazing Spirit

Common Courtesy – During the Holidays

During the Holiday Season, this becomes more pronounced. Traffic increases, we are in a hurry, we have to … . . . → Read More: Common Courtesy – During the Holidays

Objective Productivity – Get it Done or Get it Out of the Way

I am an amateur hoarder. I make little piles of stuff I think I might need all over the place. I have piles of notepads full of ideas, papers with info I thought at one point I might need, magazines I leafed through that I may want to read, as well as an inbox full . . . → Read More: Objective Productivity – Get it Done or Get it Out of the Way

“You live on the Plane of Manifestation”

I just finished watching a video of Mike Dooley presenting his new book “Manifesting Change”.

I have embedded this video below and have a link to his book for you to purchase.

Mike is an amazing speaker and motivator saying things like:

“What holds people back is not knowing the truth about reality.” “Our positive . . . → Read More: “You live on the Plane of Manifestation”

Personal Truth

It seems we, as human beings, need a sense of resolution. Or at least I do.  In the last 24 hours I have had two stories end, one novel and one movie, which just sort of…stopped.  No great and utterly redeeming resolutions were reached, no great truths were grasped.  And, although I would have been . . . → Read More: Personal Truth