– Don’t Quit –

But, you do know that answers come in the strangest and most wonderful way to help us with our struggles. . . . → Read More: – Don’t Quit –

What Am I Afraid Of? or… Do the things that fulfill you.

I have a confession.  If I love to do something that might eventually be seen or purchased by lots of people, I will procrastinate and occupy myself with things that might not make me happy and confident.  I think it makes me feel as though I am sending out pictures of me naked; I am . . . → Read More: What Am I Afraid Of? or… Do the things that fulfill you.


I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been feeling stuck. I can’t follow my path through the woods. When I feel this way I withdraw, become irritable. I hate this feeling. I want to remove myself from all situations that make me feel this way. But, that is not possible. I must be where . . . → Read More: Stuck

To Travel or Not to Travel?

I caught myself thinking about moving back to New England this week.  I have a new job, good partners in Health Now, Wealth Forever and my kids are here.  Why would I want to leave?  I have some difficult things going on outside of those good that are quite challenging and those are probably why.  . . . → Read More: To Travel or Not to Travel?

One year to the big 4-0

Yesterday I turned 39.  I had the day to myself with the exception of 2 crazy dogs and it gave me a chance to look back on my years and count my blessings.  While some people lament on getting older, I have decided that the best is yet to come.  I am stronger and wiser. . . . → Read More: One year to the big 4-0

Holday Stress?!

Money.  Company.  Special Occasion Food Preparation.


It seems as though it is more stressful to be on vacation than to be working sometimes.  Especially during the holiday season.  Holiday food is more labor intensive. The holiday shopping is very competitive and, for me, trying to keep track of how many presents for each of . . . → Read More: Holday Stress?!

Personal Truth

It seems we, as human beings, need a sense of resolution. Or at least I do.  In the last 24 hours I have had two stories end, one novel and one movie, which just sort of…stopped.  No great and utterly redeeming resolutions were reached, no great truths were grasped.  And, although I would have been . . . → Read More: Personal Truth

Multi-dimensional Change

Change is rarely in one area of our lives only. A promotion affects all areas of your life: family, finances, stress, time, food. Same with losing a job. So when dealing with change, you must deal with a chain of dependent changes as well, and this can compound the stress that you are enduring. Some people can roll with these changes, but many cannot. They get mired in the middle and fight the change from within the process. So how do you deal with all of this? . . . → Read More: Multi-dimensional Change

Shift Your Perception.

So much of your circumstance depends on your perceptions. Everything we feel, see or sense is a product of our perceptions. How you view a situation determines the resolution of the situation. What we have a tough time with is the apparent difficulty of shifting long held perceptions that we have held maybe even for our entire lives. I say “apparent” because this too is a perception. It is only difficult because we perceive that it should be. . . . → Read More: Shift Your Perception.