Eggs: Label confusion and defintions

Yesterday I was buying eggs at my grocery store and was overwhelmed by the choices.  I know you are thinking what choices, eggs are eggs but the when I looked at the egg section there were cage free, free range, organic cage free, organic free range, pastured eggs and regular eggs.  What do these terms . . . → Read More: Eggs: Label confusion and defintions


Ever since the “swindler” was created, there have been Ponzi schemes, so named for Charles Ponzi. . . . → Read More: “P”onzi

Spring has sprung!

With Spring here and summer around the corner, the outdoor projects are ready to be tackled.  At my house, we have already had our first round of battling the ants.  In a continued effort to look towards natural remedies, I did a bit of research on controlling garden pests without spending a fortune on chemicals . . . → Read More: Spring has sprung!

Amazing Spirit

In my previous post To Fix the World, You Must See it as Broken, I spoke of seeing the world in a different light.

In our current world, there is so much hardship caused by natural disaster, political unrest and violence.  Hoping that we will be saved by others is almost a lost hope but we . . . → Read More: Amazing Spirit

Bohemian Nights and Localization

Every year, right before the Colorado State University and our community schools start, the Bohemian Nights Foundation and the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association put on Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest.  This event combines 6 stages with 90+ musical acts and booths filled with local businesses, kids’ activities, and educational opportunities. Big bands, like Michael . . . → Read More: Bohemian Nights and Localization

Starting to Garden — Start Small

I have a huge yard.  And while it would be fantastic for a large garden, it is pretty daunting right now. I really would love to start growing some of my own foods and herbs but have been looking at the size of the yard and thinking I have to start a large garden to . . . → Read More: Starting to Garden — Start Small

Local Resources for Local Food

The resources for finding fresh and local food are right under our fingertips! Below are listed websites and other resources for finding local, fresh foods. . . . → Read More: Local Resources for Local Food

Localization is the Keystone to Healthy Wealth

Most big industries out there are against the thought of localizing yourself.  When I say “localization” I do not mean totally local to the exclusion of trade.  I mean that when it comes to choosing food and wares, if it is possible to choose a local store or product and keep the money in the . . . → Read More: Localization is the Keystone to Healthy Wealth

Why Eat Locally?

“Eat Locally.” It seems that this message is everywhere lately. We are saying this too. But why bother?

It is actually simpler and more inexpensive than it seems. Here are some reasons why eating local is better:

The food is closer and is more likely to be organic and fresh. Fewer preservatives and fruit can . . . → Read More: Why Eat Locally?