Remember Ginkgo Biloba?

Autumn Ginkgo Biloba tree

A couple weeks back I wrote about Ginseng, a proven herbal supplement. This week I want to talk about a less proven, but just as well known herbal supplement: Ginkgo Biloba. They both came to my attention around the same time so they will forever be linked in my . . . → Read More: Remember Ginkgo Biloba?

The Oddness of Memory

Memory, it is an odd part of our psyche. We remember some things and tend to forget others. We have vague memories and very vivid memories, and those vivid memories are created when we created them with more than one sense. Our senses touch, taste, smell, sight and sound all work together to create our . . . → Read More: The Oddness of Memory

Nutrition’s Role in Memory and Focus

This week my husband and I were discussing how he seems to have a hard time maintaining focus at work.  Dealing with memory issues and focus issues can add stress, causing more memory and focus issues.  I decided to look into supplements and foods that could him and in turn, help us maintain focus and . . . → Read More: Nutrition’s Role in Memory and Focus