Carrot Juice (from raw, organic, non-GMO carrots)

Lately, I have heard that there are many, many health benefits to eating raw vegetables and fruits. This post will deal with the health benefits of eating carrots. Well, not raw carrots – unless you need the additional fiber or you jaws and teeth need strengthening exercises. I will be writing about carrot juice and . . . → Read More: Carrot Juice (from raw, organic, non-GMO carrots)

Confession of a Coconut Hater

My dear wife, who loves coconut, found a grade and source of coconut that contains the health benefits without the taste or smell that I do not like. I now use a teaspoon of this oil in my first cup of coffee. . . . → Read More: Confession of a Coconut Hater

NuVal® Scores – Believable?

You make the choice. I did. I went with the simple truth product. I really feel this NuVal System is a crock. I am a believer in using and needing saturated fats, not using a lot of sugar, tying to limit my carbs, eating meat, so I already know I will not agree with this system. It is supposedly not driven by any influence by food manufacturers, but when you look at scores of comparable products, there are differences in the nutritional scores for the same ingredients. (Some exceptions) Or coconut – husked which is a wonder food despite the evil reputation given it by the low fat crowd is given a score of 24 while iceberg lettuce gets 94!! . . . → Read More: NuVal® Scores – Believable?

Chocolate better for your teeth than fluoride?

Past research has also shown that the chocolate ingredient theobromine works better than fluoride. When lesions in artificial enamel were treated with theobromine, remineralization occurred at a greater rate than when they were treated with fluoride. . . . → Read More: Chocolate better for your teeth than fluoride?

Forget the Bologna, Eat More Plants!

Bologna, like most processed foods, tends to do more harm than good. . . . → Read More: Forget the Bologna, Eat More Plants!

Eggs: Label confusion and defintions

Yesterday I was buying eggs at my grocery store and was overwhelmed by the choices.  I know you are thinking what choices, eggs are eggs but the when I looked at the egg section there were cage free, free range, organic cage free, organic free range, pastured eggs and regular eggs.  What do these terms . . . → Read More: Eggs: Label confusion and defintions

Watermelon and its Rind, Both Beneficial

Watermelon is a summer picnic/get together staple but did you know that it has amazing health benefits in both its delicious flesh as well as in the rind? Watermelon and its rind are excellent sources of vitamins A and C and are high in lycopene, a powerful anti oxidant and citrulline, an amino acid that is converted by the body into another amino acid called arginine. . . . → Read More: Watermelon and its Rind, Both Beneficial

Risks of GMOs

“Everyone eats; everyone is affected. The increase in several diseases in North America may be due to the profound changes in our diet. The most radical change occurred a little over a decade ago when genetically modified (GM)crops were introduced. Their influence on health has been largely ignored, but recent studies show serious problems. . . . → Read More: Risks of GMOs

Cancer and Our Perceptions

There are many people who have been cured of cancer by alternative medicine and healthy eating. There are cures that do not cost thousands and thousands of dollars. My perceptions and thoughts have changed about doctors and conventional medicine. . . . → Read More: Cancer and Our Perceptions

Superfood Kimchi

When South Korea was preparing to send their first citizen to space, a group of scientists were dedicated to one important task. Create a bacteria free version of kimchi for that citizen to bring with him. It took a couple years, but when it was done the Korean computer scientist that was going to . . . → Read More: Superfood Kimchi