NuVal® Scores – Believable?

You make the choice. I did. I went with the simple truth product. I really feel this NuVal System is a crock. I am a believer in using and needing saturated fats, not using a lot of sugar, tying to limit my carbs, eating meat, so I already know I will not agree with this system. It is supposedly not driven by any influence by food manufacturers, but when you look at scores of comparable products, there are differences in the nutritional scores for the same ingredients. (Some exceptions) Or coconut – husked which is a wonder food despite the evil reputation given it by the low fat crowd is given a score of 24 while iceberg lettuce gets 94!! . . . → Read More: NuVal® Scores – Believable?

Clean 15: Non-Organic Fruits and Veggies that are Safe to Eat

If you are wanting to eat better and would like to buy organic vegetables and fruit, but feel you can not afford them,  the Environmental Working Group has tested these to find the levels of pesticides.  They have found 15 fruits and vegetables that do not have high levels of pesticides yet are not labelled . . . → Read More: Clean 15: Non-Organic Fruits and Veggies that are Safe to Eat

How Do You Live Organic On a Limited Income?

I have been thinking about how hard it is to be naturally healthy—only because I am not a farmer, organic food is expensive and people on food stamps, limited incomes or no income cannot always buy non-GMO, organic foods.

When feeding 8 hungry people the $3.00+ loaf of bread or $3.00+ dozen organic . . . → Read More: How Do You Live Organic On a Limited Income?

The Slanted Press on Organic Food

To buy organics or not?  This was in the news yesterday again.  We were watching the early local news; this is the news that takes an hour through the news of the day and editorializes the stories as they report them, usually with their own personal opinions.  Yesterday, they shared the study done by Stanford . . . → Read More: The Slanted Press on Organic Food

Genetically Modified Organism Labeling

There is a new argument in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods.  The outrage comes from The United States and Canada not requiring labeling on consumer food as to whether or not it is or contains GMOs.  Most of the European Union, and many major countries in Asia, South America and Australia require labeling, if for . . . → Read More: Genetically Modified Organism Labeling

Starting to Garden — Start Small

I have a huge yard.  And while it would be fantastic for a large garden, it is pretty daunting right now. I really would love to start growing some of my own foods and herbs but have been looking at the size of the yard and thinking I have to start a large garden to . . . → Read More: Starting to Garden — Start Small