Don’t Isolate Yourself

To maintain a resolution, New Year’s or other, mostly other, DO NOT isolate yourself!  This resolution will become a change in your life’s path and when completed, it will be a complete change in your life.

That is why it is so difficult to complete a resolution;  it is a change for your life.

When . . . → Read More: Don’t Isolate Yourself

How to Stay on the Path to Change

In my previous post, I wrote about changing the way I think. Thinking positively over negatively and allowing things that I can’t control to pass me by. How do I stay on this path?

First, I need to allow myself to make mistakes, to fall off the path a bit. This allows me to learn . . . → Read More: How to Stay on the Path to Change

A Resolution for Positivity!

Typically, as the New Year arrives I look back at the old year, sometimes with relief that it is over and sometimes with sadness that the year before was amazing and how can this year compare? This New Year, as I look back, it is with relief. And as I look forward it is with anticipation that this year will be the amazing one. . . . → Read More: A Resolution for Positivity!