Control Your Thoughts – “CLEAR!”

I have read a lot of positive thinking articles and books that tell you if you can empty your mind of all thoughts then you have control of your mind and are in control of your thoughts. I have tried many techniques to accomplish this: meditation, ten minutes of quiet mind each day, relaxation and breathing exercises, etc. None of these techniques and exercises working very well that particular night. . . . → Read More: Control Your Thoughts – “CLEAR!”

Mind over Matter

The “law of attraction” states that your thought frequencies mesh with the frequency of the Universe. If your frequency is emanating negative thoughts and beliefs, the Universe will respond by sending to you negative situations. On the flip side, if your frequency is emanating positive thoughts and beliefs, the Universe will respond by sending you positive situations. . . . → Read More: Mind over Matter

Credit Card – Cut It or Keep It?

If you are in a situation where you will be applying for a loan to buy a house or automobile, or . . . . ., then you may want to wait to cut up the card and/or cancel the account until that loan has been approved. . . . → Read More: Credit Card – Cut It or Keep It?


A police officer was asked “What would you do if you had to arrest your mother?” His answer was “I would call for backup”. . . . → Read More: “L”aughing

This Too Shall Pass

So, to myself and all of you trying to see the bright sides of your challenges, keep going. It will pass. Keep walking your path. . . . → Read More: This Too Shall Pass


I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been feeling stuck. I can’t follow my path through the woods. When I feel this way I withdraw, become irritable. I hate this feeling. I want to remove myself from all situations that make me feel this way. But, that is not possible. I must be where . . . → Read More: Stuck

To Travel or Not to Travel?

I caught myself thinking about moving back to New England this week.  I have a new job, good partners in Health Now, Wealth Forever and my kids are here.  Why would I want to leave?  I have some difficult things going on outside of those good that are quite challenging and those are probably why.  . . . → Read More: To Travel or Not to Travel?

Just Be Glad

Christian D. Larson (1874-1954) wrote several books and has been quoted in The Secret.  What he has to say in these two excerpts especially hit home for me these last two days.

“Whatever you are, or whatever has happened, just be glad.  Be glad because you are here.  You are here in a beautiful world; . . . → Read More: Just Be Glad


Self-Discipline is a sticky thing for me.  As you can tell by the delay of this post.  I promised this to you in my last post.  So what is my problem here?  I don’t like to be told what to do.  I don’t like having mistakes pointed out to me.  It doesn’t seem to matter . . . → Read More: Self-Discipline

Objective Productivity – Get it Done or Get it Out of the Way

I am an amateur hoarder. I make little piles of stuff I think I might need all over the place. I have piles of notepads full of ideas, papers with info I thought at one point I might need, magazines I leafed through that I may want to read, as well as an inbox full . . . → Read More: Objective Productivity – Get it Done or Get it Out of the Way