Carrot Juice (from raw, organic, non-GMO carrots)

Lately, I have heard that there are many, many health benefits to eating raw vegetables and fruits. This post will deal with the health benefits of eating carrots. Well, not raw carrots – unless you need the additional fiber or you jaws and teeth need strengthening exercises. I will be writing about carrot juice and . . . → Read More: Carrot Juice (from raw, organic, non-GMO carrots)

Cancer and Our Perceptions

There are many people who have been cured of cancer by alternative medicine and healthy eating. There are cures that do not cost thousands and thousands of dollars. My perceptions and thoughts have changed about doctors and conventional medicine. . . . → Read More: Cancer and Our Perceptions

Superfood Kimchi

When South Korea was preparing to send their first citizen to space, a group of scientists were dedicated to one important task. Create a bacteria free version of kimchi for that citizen to bring with him. It took a couple years, but when it was done the Korean computer scientist that was going to . . . → Read More: Superfood Kimchi

Superfood Wheat Grass

I get daily emails from HSI (Health Science Institute).  Last week the communicator in the emails to subscribers talked about wheat grass.  She talked about how wheat grass can get rid of your gray hair.  My children (who are adults) are bemoaning their gray hair.  So I was intrigued.  I wanted to know if I . . . → Read More: Superfood Wheat Grass

Hemp Protein Vs. Whey Protein Powder

No, I am not a body builder. At one time we were on a diet that had the dieter drink 2 whey protein shakes and one meal, the first two weeks of the diet. I was on a web site that was having a sale on hemp protein and I realized that I wanted to try it. . . . → Read More: Hemp Protein Vs. Whey Protein Powder


“Chop up a raw onion and cover it with honey (manuka honey is even better) and let it stand for four or five hours. It makes an excellent cough syrup and is wonderfully soothing for an inflamed throat.” Lynley Kempthorne: . . . → Read More: “O”nion

Live Like Royalty – Royal Jelly

Honey has been a staple of the human diet since caveman days. It’s one of the few sweeteners that can actually be healthy. But, honey is food for common bees. The queen bee lives fifty of her subjects’ lifetimes and lays up to three thousand eggs. The reason? She receives royal jelly for her entire . . . → Read More: Live Like Royalty – Royal Jelly

Super Freekeh!

Last week we had a new salad at my work ( I work at a local grocery store in the service deli).  This salad incorporated Freekeh.  Since we introduced it, we have had lots of “what is freekeh” questions from both staff and guests.  I had no answer so I did some research.

Freekeh is . . . → Read More: Super Freekeh!

“K” is for …..

If “I” is for Iodine and “J” is for Jicama then

 “K” is for Kohlrabi and even more …


Health benefits of Kohlrabi (Knol-khol)

Mildly sweet, succulent kohlrabi is notably rich in vitamins and dietary fiber; however, it has only 27 calories per 100 g, a negligible amount of fat, . . . → Read More: “K” is for …..


It is a leafy bean-like plant with tubers. The tubers are edible, the remainder of the plant: leaves, beans and stems are not, they are highly poisonous and used sometimes to be a pesticide. Therefore, only eat the tubers. The root (tuber) looks like a beige, over sized turnip, yellow and papery. The inside is white with a crisp texture that resembles a raw potato or pear. However, the flavor is like an apple, sweet and starchy. I . . . → Read More: “J”icama