Goji Berries

Goji berries have been one of those fruits that the Chinese have been used for a very long time.  Why eat gogi berries?  Cathy Wong from the website altmedicine.about.com lists why one would want to eat the gogi berry:

Protect the liver Help eyesight Improve sexual function and fertility Strengthen the legs Boost immune function . . . → Read More: Goji Berries


… we can definitely say that ginger is a very unusual, distinctive looking root that carries in its weird shape some of the most powerful health benefits we can find. . . . → Read More: “G”inger


What benefit do you get when you use flax seed in your meals? Well, the health benefits of eating flax seeds are surprisingly significant. . . . → Read More: “F”laxseed


. . . if you haven’t used endives in your food when cooking, you are missing out on a very pleasant tasting and healthy experience. When you use it once, you will continue to use it again and again. . . . → Read More: “E”ndive

“D” is for Dill

Dill can be consumed in water or the seeds can be chewed for their calming effect. Some cultures place dill leaves over the eyes to aid sleep. . . . → Read More: “D” is for Dill

Onions: Benefits and Myths

Onions, in fact, contain huge nutritional benefits. . . . → Read More: Onions: Benefits and Myths

“C” is for Celery

Keeping a container of celery stocks in your fridge for you to munch on during the day or have with every meal can and will do good things for your health. Or, sipping on a hot cup of celery tea will calm you down and you can enjoy life more fully! . . . → Read More: “C” is for Celery

Remember your health during the holidays

I love this time of year!  Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are the high points.  But the added feeling of unhealthiness is a low point for sure.

Spices and herbs are an easy way to combat the unhealthiness.  As we prepare our feasts, we must not forget the healing and delicious properties of the herbs and . . . → Read More: Remember your health during the holidays

Sacha Inchi Seeds

I found a new snack that is super healthy and tastes good.  It is slightly expensive, but when I compared the price of these seeds to a “super special granola bar” at the same price, I think the better deal is the seeds.

The kind I bought were called Savi Seed “Oh Natural” roasted . . . → Read More: Sacha Inchi Seeds

Quinoa: What is it?

Did you know that Quinoa is more closely related to spinach, swiss chard and beets?  I did not, I thought it was a grain, related to wheat. In the last couple of years, Quinoa has “blown up”, it is everywhere and advertised as the new health food.  But like all the “new” health foods, Quinoa . . . → Read More: Quinoa: What is it?