Promises, Promises

What is a promise? A promise can take a multitude of forms: vows, advertising, agreements, contracts, etc. And, a promise can be absolute or conditional. A promise can be written, a hand shake, verbal, non-verbal, a formal agreement, a memorandum of understanding, etc. Each dictionary I checked had a slightly different main definition and their definitions were in different orders. . . . → Read More: Promises, Promises


A police officer was asked “What would you do if you had to arrest your mother?” His answer was “I would call for backup”. . . . → Read More: “L”aughing

New Job, Difficult People

I recently had a conversion with my direct boss that left me feeling devalued and like I was a inch big.  I was super ticked off and wanted to rebel.  But I have only been at this job for 4 1/2 months and with the exception of this one boss, everyone, including me,  feels I . . . → Read More: New Job, Difficult People

Benefits of Breathing

There are many sources to learn breathing techniques: yoga, meditation, guided imagery, progressive body scan, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, thought changes, visualization, rapid breathing, and many more. . . . → Read More: Benefits of Breathing

Debt = Anti-Wealth

Debt is addictive. Debt is seductive. Debt is inviting. Debt is . . . Common Example: John and Jane want two new cars but they only have $4000 saved up and the cars they want cost $28,000 each for a total of $56,000. They have a very good credit rating and the lending institution lends them the money at an attractive interest rate. They drive away in their new cars feeling on top of the world and “wealthy”. . . . → Read More: Debt = Anti-Wealth

The Infinity Path

There are four aspects to your direction.  The saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, but, like most axioms, it is flawed.  It should read: “The road to hell is paved with false intentions”.  A true intent takes four things into consideration:

Your beliefs Your reality Your perceptions Your thoughts

A . . . → Read More: The Infinity Path

Rapid-Fire Change

Rapid-fire change, also known as chaos, is a state of constant change. You are consistently in flux. This is a symptom of dissatisfaction, or dissatisfaction around you. This kind of chaos is destructive if unchecked. We all need a little stability and structure to stay healthy. A state of constant change is anything but structured and stable. . . . → Read More: Rapid-Fire Change