Forget the Bologna, Eat More Plants!

Bologna, like most processed foods, tends to do more harm than good. . . . → Read More: Forget the Bologna, Eat More Plants!

Eat Your (Dark, Leafy) Greens

These days we hear A LOT that we need to eat the leafy greens.  We know they are good for us and we need them in our diet to be healthy.   Here are some reasons to really be aware of eating those leafy greens.

“You get so many important nutrients from leafy green vegetables—magnesium, iron, . . . → Read More: Eat Your (Dark, Leafy) Greens

The Powerhouse Black Bean

Who knew what a power house bean this is?  Black beans are such an important food in Brazil, they have their own food group on the food pyramid.

Black beans are great food. They provide special support for your digestive tract health especially in your colon, they’re a great source of protein, full of fiber, . . . → Read More: The Powerhouse Black Bean