Economic Indicator “PPI”

The basic definition of PPI is that it “is a weighted index of prices measured at the producer level, not the consumer level. Imports are not included.” . . . → Read More: Economic Indicator “PPI”

Perception, Perception, Perception!

Your perception of wealth will determine your thoughts about wealth and that will lead you to a belief system concerning wealth and that will reveal your wealth reality. If you find yourself dis-liking your wealth reality, then you MUST change your perception about wealth. . . . → Read More: Perception, Perception, Perception!

What price should you pay for a Call Option?

Have you ever asked yourself how to find the best price to pay for a Call Option or do you just rely on your financial broker recommending the right option for you to buy?  If you have ever wondered how to calculate the best price for an option contract, and want to find out, you . . . → Read More: What price should you pay for a Call Option?

Investing in Options – Risk of the Put Option

So – you lost $400 on this investment while the stock value went up $200, this would have been your gain if you would have just purchased the stock outright. . . . → Read More: Investing in Options – Risk of the Put Option

Investing via the Put Option

The reason to buy a put option is based upon your expectation that the price of ABC stock will fall from its current value and it will fall soon. . . . → Read More: Investing via the Put Option

Making Money Using the Call Option

If you need some encouragement, buying Puts and Calls can definitely make more profit for you than if you buy the stock at face value. There is some risk, but you should not be in the equity market if you are afraid of risk. . . . → Read More: Making Money Using the Call Option

True Wealth for Gary

True Wealth is a tough term to define.  It varies much for each person, each family, each business, etc.

Some define true wealth as having more and more money, having more and more assets, having a cash flow that grows and grows, etc.  Some define it as having no connection to the notorious . . . → Read More: True Wealth for Gary

A Wealth of Blessings – As Important as a Wealth of Money

Found a little Irish quotation book and found a quote that goes along with our theme of true wealth.  Since it will soon be St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would share the quote and a few thoughts about my thoughts on true wealth.

MAY JOY AND PEACE SURROUND YOU, CONTENTMENT LATCH YOUR DOOR, AND . . . → Read More: A Wealth of Blessings – As Important as a Wealth of Money

True Wealth

True Wealth, what a loaded 2 words, they can mean many things to many people.  When presented with the question of what does true wealth mean to you generally it means more money.   To me, it means more than money.

True Wealth starts from within; if you are not at peace with who you are . . . → Read More: True Wealth

Let’s Talk About Loans

Mortgage Application

Not that I want you to go into debt. But if you have loans, you may need a little understanding of the two types and how they work – either for you or against you. As you probably know, a loan is a type of debt. It is either a revolving type or an installment type. Let’s define each type. . . . → Read More: Let’s Talk About Loans