Calculate Your Net Worth


Learn How To Determine How Much You Are Worth?

What is “Net Worth”?

  • A measurement of your current financial health.
  • Necessary if you are serious about your wealth building.
  • Like to weighing yourself to measure the condition of your body.
  • Determines whether you need to change your ways – whether you are healthy or whether you need to adjust to become healthy.

Your net worth should be done on a regular basis, like weighing yourself regularly –

I recommend every January 1st.

If done on a regular basis you can see progress or quickly adjust spending, investing or earning to meet you wealth goal. Yes, you need to set a wealth goal. Like determining what you want to weigh in 30 days, you need to determine how much wealth you need by a date you decide is important to you.

This is how you find out how much you are worth.

By doing this, you will quickly know your net worth and your wealth health.

You need to hunt down and gather this information:

Assets and Liabilities


  1. Cash
    1. Loose cash on hand
    2. Checking account balance
    3. Money market balance
    4. Savings account balance
  2. Investments (Current Values)
    1. Stocks
    2. Bonds
    3. Mutual Funds
    4. Annuities
    5. Cash Values of Life Insurance Policies
    6. Real Estate (Estimated Market Value)
  3. Retirement Accounts (Last Current Values)
    1. Employee Pensions
    2. Personal IRAs, SEPs, 401ks
  4. Personal Property (Estimated Values)
    1. Automobiles
    2. Boats
    3. Recreational Vehicles
    4. Furniture
    5. Art
    6. Collectibles
    7. Jewelry
    8. Antiques
    9. Electronic Equipment


  1. Mortgages
  2. Loans
    1. Home Equity
    2. Car
    3. Credit Cards
    4. Bank
    5. Student
    6. Friends and Family
    7. Cash Advance
  3. Bills
    1. All bills due in your bill payment file
    2. Taxes
    3. Child Support
    4. Alimony
    5. Any other

Now you have all the information you need to calculate your net worth.

Just one more thing – get pencil, paper and a free half hour (doesn’t take this long but . . . )

Okay – here you go. (Sample Form is Below)

  1. On the paper make two columns.
    1. Label the top of the left column “Assets”
    2. Label the top of the right column “Liabilities”
  2. Split each of those two columns into 2 columns.
    1. Label each left column “Item”
    2. Label each right column “Amount”
  3. Fill out all the columns.
  4. Total the “Amount” columns.
  5. Subtract the total of the Liabilities “Amount” column from the total of the Assets “Amount”.
  6. The result of this subtraction is:
  7. Your net worth!


    Do this again, on this date, yearly.

Sample Form (print it if you want to)


Date: ___________________







Total Assets


Total Liabilities


NET WORTH = Total Assets $ – Total Liabilities $ =


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