Cash in Hand

cash in hand

Cash in pocket I would like for you to do a little experiment.




My last post was on perception and how it affects your thoughts, beliefs and realities concerning your wealth.

When you have had some cash or change in your pocket have you noticed how that makes you feel?

A long while ago, there was a study on pick-pockets and their techniques.  One technique was that they would wait around post offices during the end of the month when pensioners would receive their pension checks.  Then they would follow them to the bank.  They would watch them as they left the bank and detect which pocket the pensioner would pat as they left the bank.  The pick pocket artists understood that having some cash or a newly arrived check would make people feel very good and that subconsciously those people would pat the pocket that the money would be in.  The women pensioners would hold the purses tighter to them – almost hugging the money.

Some people flaunt their cash by carrying rolls of it on them and then showing off the cash at certain times – like paying a restaurant bill or tipping the waiter.  If you believe the movies, mafia members would carry large amounts of cash around, tipping people extravagantly to win their support.

You get the point.  Having cash, paying with cash, giving cash gifts, carrying cash, getting cash, all have the same effect.  Cash affects how we perceive ourselves.

Here is the experiment:

Go to the bank or somehow get yourself $25 in one dollar bills.

Put them in your purse, wallet or pocket.

Go to a store of some type but don’t spend any of the bills.

Just walk around knowing that you have the cash on you.

How do you feel?

Now, go buy something small but use some of your $25 in cash.  How did you feel when you paid for it with your cash – and – how do you feel with less cash in your pocket after you spent some of it?

Cash, or change, carried on your person affects your thoughts and feelings.



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